House Rules

Be Safe!

  • Closed toe shoes are required for all guests! No exceptions.
  • If your activity has other safety equipment requirements, it must be worn at all times as well.
  • For throwing activities, you MUST retrieve your tools together. DO NOT walk down range while the other person is still throwing.
  • Threatening another guest (even as a joke) with any of the weapons will get you kicked out.
  • Listen to all employee instructions. Continued actions that put yourself or others in danger can result in being asked to leave.
  • No Alcohol or Drugs are allowed inside!

Have Fun!

  • All our activities are intended to be enjoyed as a group! You can come alone, but we promise you’ll have more fun with friends.
  • We get that the competitive nature of these activities is conducive to trash talking but please keep it light and avoid vulgarities.
  • Listen to our coaches. If they see you struggling, they’ll try to help correct the mistake. That’s not a personal attack, it’s them trying to help.
  • Be nice. We want you to have an outstanding experience. If there’s a problem we’ll fix it, but screaming or being abusive to the employees won’t help anything.

Start a Waiver

Signors must be 18 years or older and may sign for themselves and/or for minors in their care.

I will be signing for: