Standard Axe Throwing League Season 1 2023



International Axe Throwing Federation sanctioned standard league rules will run on Wednesdays, January 4th to February 15th.  6 pm practice, 7 pm matches begin.

  • As a proud member of the International Axe Throwing Federation we are running sanctioned leagues following IATF rules.
  • Each person signs up as an individual, no teams are needed. Just a willingness to stick sharp things into wood.
  • Leagues are one night a week for 7 consecutive weeks.
    • If life happens and we need to delay one night everyone will be notified in advance.
  • League is 6 weeks of regular play, one hour of warm up and then 4 matches per night.
  • IATF sanctioned matches are 3 rounds of 5 throws, totaling in 15 throws per match.
  • Week 7 Playoffs, the top 16 throws of the season will play in a double elimination tournament. (all are encouraged to watch and enjoy)
  • IATF allows for 1 unexcused absence, missing more may result in forfeiture of your matches.
  • League members will be required by week 3 to bring their own hatchet that meets IATF specifications. IATF specs are 1.25lb – 1.75lb head and a wooden handle between 13” and 19” long the blade no larger than 4”. Approved axes are available for sale in house.




Benefits of silver package

  • 7 Week IATF sanctioned league
  • League members walkin practice pricing at $12 dollars per hour. Not limited to open walk-in hours but any time there is availability. No guarantee on own lane but will be grouped with other league members.
  • League members throw for free when bringing in groups of 8 or more